WAP Arma3 Exile Server.

Hello everybody. We are currently working on the website development, so excpect changes. ArmA 3 server is currently running Exile mod. We are adding and testing couple of mods/missions. More info @ Forum

WAP Arma3 Forum

Client Setup


Virtual Garage System

Now you can "park" your vehicle to virtual garage, ingame, and access it while ingame, but it will cost you some peny.



Two types on missions, hard ones and easier ones, with loot and bonus vehicles.



We all love them ! They will drive you mad sometimes ! Be aware of running and exploding ones, they are insane !


Server IP:

Server address: weallplay.eu:2302

TeamSpeak 3

Server address: weallplay.eu

Channel: Exile (Where Exile Admin Bot is located

If you need Private Channel contact BOT or D4ng3r in TS

other option, request channel on Foorum.