Xtreme projects WoW Estonia - by weallplay.eu

Server NEWS and announcement's:

NB ! We are aware of lag and disconnects !

Header: Server Router is waiting for renewal.
Content: We know about lag and disconnect issues, our router is kinda dieng, on 03.02.2018 we will receve new router so everything should be back to normal. We are sorry for that, and please be patient.
Added by: Sunnus - WAP CEO

Header: Work on restoring is in progress.
Content: Hey guys! We need to tell you that work on restoring all data (from the time server went down) is now started. Please be aware that there will be changes made. Trix is willing to restore all old accounts. Allso if some of old developers are willing to help please contact ViKiR or TriX.
Account's that are being used now may be DELETED if needed after restoring is done.
We are aware of bug's that are present on server atm and working to FIX them.
ViKiR is working atm on web-page on he's free time, more to be added soon. Things like Account Panel that contains all data about account with ability to mantain and controll your account and charachers, reset password, unstuck, teleport, donations, etc
TriX - developer and owner of server ex xtreme-projects.eu
ViKiR - host and web-developer on weallplay.eu