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    CS:GO Suur Tallinna Pub

    Server is open, own rank system and coins to buy VIP and skins. !ws, !knife, !rank, !testvip, !coins



WAP Rules

First rule – Swearing and picking on other players or mocking them is strictly forbidden.

For swearing the first warning sign is a kick from the server and after that you’ll get a 1 day ban. So stay polite!

Second rule – Do not abuse your mic!

That means don’t yell into your mic and don’t play any music through it. You don't burp,fart etc.

Third rule - If your steam group has a changing name then change it because it slows down the server.

Fourth rule – If you play with cheats or you cheat (like ghosting etc) on the server you’ll get banned permanently.

Fifth rule – Listen to what the admins tell you if you ignore the admins you’ll recieve a 2 hour ban. The next one will be for a week. Respect the servers owner and admins. If you hear someone swearing in the game chat and the admin doesn’t notice it, send to the admin a picture of it to steam or discord chat.





TeamSpeak 3 Server